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The Complete Coach Me Series is here, incorporating all in one E-Book.

  • 1. Hinge – Romanian Deadlift
  • 2. Squat
  • 3. Push Ups
  • 4. Row (Horizontal Pull)
  • 5. Vertical Push (Overhead Press)
  • 6. Vertical Pull (Chin/Pull Up)

The first topic is the Romanian Deadlift (RDL). RDL is a hip Dominant (hinge) movement that focuses on developing strength in the posterior chain. The RDL is analysed to be the foundation of all athletic movements.

The second topic is the Squat. The Squat is a knee dominant lower body (Push) movement that acts as a staple exercise towards creating more strong, powerful and robust athletes. Similar to the Romanian Deadlift, the Squat lays the foundation for enhancing many athletic movements and physical qualities.

The third topic is the Push Up. The Push up is a simple, underrated yet extremely effective exercise utilised to maximise upper body strength and stability.

The fourth topic is the Row (horizontal pull). The Row is a horizontal (pulling) movement that plays an imperative role in developing robustness and stability in the posterior chain.

The fifth topic is the vertical push (overhead press). The Barbell Overhead Press is categorised as an upper body vertical pushing motor pattern that plays a central role in developing anterior chain strength and power.

The sixth topic is the vertical pull (chin/pull up). The Pull up is categorised as an upper body vertical pulling motor pattern that acts as a fundamental exercise in promoting shoulder health, and upper back stability.

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