Woodford Sports Science Consulting

WSSC is an elite Strength and Conditioning service available to amateur, sub-elite, elite teams and individuals looking to improve their sports performance. WSSC designs and implements a high performance model to maximise sports performance and decrease chance of injury.

Our Coaching Services

One On One & Semi-Private Training

Click the above image to get more information about getting one on one individualized sessions or joining a small semi-private group. Click the above image to find out more.

Junior Performance Development Program

This program will set the foundations for future sporting success. Our main goal is individualization, injury reduction and performance enhancement. Click the above image to find out more.

Group Training & School Programs

We cater to a variety of schools and clubs coaching them through their off-season and in-season programs. Click the above image to find out more.

Performance Testing

Using state of the art timing gates and jump mates we are able to test, measure and quantify relevant biomotor qualities such as speed, power and agility. Click the above image to find out more.

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

WSSC offers onsite physiotherapy and early stage rehab options for athletes and individuals who are trying to recover from mild to serious injuries. We also offer HICAPS. Click the above image to find out more.

Online Coaching

WSSC offers online coaching for athletes who live too far to come into the facility or just want an introduction to WSSC methods to improve their sporting performance. Click the image above to sign up.

Woodfords 2018 Australia Workshop Tour

Any Questions / Inquiries?

If your interested in our coaching services please click ‘Hire a Coach’ under ‘Training Services’. Also check our FAQ. If that still doesn’t answer you inquiry feel free to contact us below and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 – 48 hours.


Moorabbin Facility

Casey Facility


WSSC is affiliated with the following companies. Christian Woodford is the face of LP Support and Mac Iron are our go to brand for mini bands and small equipment.