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ONLINE Power & Plyometrics workshop

If you missed our face-to-face workshop, don’t stress because we’ve got you covered.

In this workshop Chris Dikranis will take you through –
✅️ What is power, how do we improve it, and what are the most effective methods to becoming the most powerful multi-directional athlete.
✅️ What are plyometrics and how do they assist with power and speed development, and how to develop and implement the plyometric continuum.
✅️ Effective execution of key power and plyometric drills.
✅️ The difference between power and plyometrics.
✅️ Power and the key WSSC method to improving it for field and court-based athletes.
✅️ The Lower and Upper Body Plyometric Continuum and how we implement it across a yearly plan.
✅️ Key focuses when implementing power and plyometric drills.
We can’t wait for you to access all this knowledge anywhere, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Workshop Details :

Cost: $199

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Price: $199.00


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