Christian Woodford’s Mentorship

CW mentorship

We want you to learn from our WINS and LOSSES. 

Woodford is Australia’s first private Strength & Conditioning facility. We’ve been there, we’ve done it — so you don’t have to. 

That’s why we created the Woodford Mentorship program.

Christian Woodford is one of Australia’s most respected, sought after and experienced performance coaches.

Over the past 11 years Christian has built Woodford Sports Science Consulting from the ground up into a worldwide brand and business that has created thousands of career opportunities for coaches and allied health, whilst simultaneously coaching thousands of athletes — from the best up and coming AFL draft picks to professional/Olympic level athletes, and everyone in between.

So if you feel that:

You’re lacking confidence in your coaching.

You’re feeling lost in your career path.

You’re unsure of what to focus on as a coach.

You’re feeling like there is more to learn to really help your clients.

Then, now is the time to invest in YOUR career.

Our past mentees have successfully:
Generated more clients
Over doubled their outlay
Created remarkable networking opportunities
Nailed new systems to buy back precious time

THIS IS AN ALL IN ONE MENTORSHIP – all at the tips of your fingers. Anywhere in the world, zero restrictions.

We have opened ONLY 10 SPOTS for anyone interested in learning from my 17 years’ experience in the industry.

Week 1: Physiology behind neuromuscular performance.
Week 2: Principals in training (What are our underlying principles at Woodford) and Conditioning for the athlete.
Week 3: Strength and hypertrophy- Application to non-strength sport athletes and otherwise
Week 4: Building the brand (How WSSC went from nothing to becoming an industry leader in Australian S&C)
Week 5: Programming and periodisation for individuals
Week 6: Speed and agility for the multidirectional field and court-based athlete
Week 7: Backend systems – (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – how to run a business in a highly competitive market) and Power & Plyometrics
Week 8: ACL Rehab and the rehab-based process (Injury to return to sport with each step systemised for you)
Week 9: Nutrition and hydration for athletic performance and Practical Programming for athletes.
Week 10: Conclusion (Wrap up of topics) plus conditioning for the non-strength sport athlete.

Book now to find a time for your Discovery Call with Christian to see if this could be the career defining moment you have been looking for. 

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We want once and for all, to CHANGE THE GAME in athletic development, the fitness industry and education in Australia.
As we aggressively expand that mission, we’re proud to have put together numerous products and services which serve as tools for up and coming Strength and Conditioning coaches, athletes, other professionals and individuals. These include:






If you're interested in learning more about Woodford Sport Science Consulting's High Performance and Holistic Athletic Development Program that can change your game, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help you get started on your journey to improved athletic performance.