Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

WSSC offers both on site physiotherapy and early stage rehabilitation from any mild to serious injury to help you or your athlete return to perform as safely and intelligently as possible.


HICAPS Available

WSSC offers on site physiotherapy by our physio Laura Fox. Whether your an athlete who needs a deep tissue massage to help you recover between training’s/games or whether you need a diagnoses or recovery protocol from an injury our physio can help. Contact us below to inquire and schedule a booking with Laura.


WSSC has rehabilitated hundreds of athletes/individuals from hamstring tears to tendinitis to fractures/breaks. Now with our own site physiotherapists we offer early stage rehab post surgery. Contact us below if you want to inquire about rehabbing your injury.

WSSC not only strives to develop all areas of athletic performance but also integrated our renowned training methods with injury rehabilitation and injury prevention. At WSSC we integrate initial diagnosis and advice for management from either our in-house physiotherapist or an external health professional then provide a structured, graduated return to play program in order to reduce pain, improve function and maximise outcomes.

At WSSC, our performance coaches have experience in the rehabilitation of all major muscle groups and joints of the body.

WSSC is also the pioneer of the ACL Rehab Program that strives to lead the way in exercise rehabilitation for athletes recovering from an ACL injury or reconstruction.

If you’re interested in the highest quality ACL Rehabilitation in the private sector, click below.

If you’re an athlete with a specific injury that needs results, contact us below for more information

Please note that WSSC’s strength and conditioning programs do not possess the scope of practice for diagnosis of injuries. If an athlete has an undiagnosed injury, the athlete will be referred out prior to commencing any training.

Use the contact form below to inquire about hiring a WSSC physio to diagnose or rehab your injury.