Power and Plyometrics Workshop

Who is it for?

· Coaches who want to learn how to help their athletes maximise power and speed.
·Physiotherapists and allied health professionals assisting athletes return to field and court-based sports.
· Athletes who want to jump higher, run quicker and become the ultimate athlete on the field and court.

What will you learn?

· What is power, how do we improve it and what are the most effective methods to becoming the most powerful multi-directional athlete.
· What are plyometrics and how to they assist with power and speed development, how to develop and implement the plyometric continuum.
· Effective execution of key power and plyometric drills.

Topics discussed:

· The difference between power and plyometrics.
· Power and the key WSSC method to improving it for field and court-based athletes.
· The Lower and Upper Body Plyometric Continuum and how we implement it across a yearly plan.
· Key focuses when implementing power and plyometric drills.

Workshop Details :

Date: Sunday 21st May
Time: 9am till 1pm
Cost: $150 – Early bird Price

Woodford Sports Science Consulting
97 Cochranes Rd
Moorabbin, 3189

Price: $199.00
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