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The Game Changer - WSSC's Private Community

In the past 5 years, we’ve published thousands of posts and videos, created over 25 #AskWoodford episodes interviewing some of the best athletes and coaches of WSSC all whith a no bs approach being 100% transparent.

Why? Because we want once and for all #CHANGETHEGAME for athletic development, the fitness industry and education in Australia. We want to leave a monumental positive impact on you, and this industry.

As we aggressively expand that mission, we’re excited to bring something more comprehensive to the large community that has grown up around WSSC over the last five years. We’re calling it The Game Changer. The subscription is designed for those who want to take their learning's on everything athletic development, sports science and coaching to the next level. It's designed to create a community of high level practitioners and thinkers who aren't satisfied with being average, but to aspire to excellence the way we do. The Game Changer offers exclusive benefits for those interested in a deeper dive.

Who is This For?

The following people may benefit most from this community: Sport/health science students, coaches, personal trainers, physios, cert 3/4 students and athletes.

Why? Because this community will provide practical advice on any question or topic related to what we do best - improving performance, reducing injury and increasing well-being that's been tried and tested over thousands of athletes. The information in this community is designed to help separate you from the crowd of mediocrity in your field.

The Game Changer subscription is also a way for us to connect deeper with you. It's an opportunity to share more stories, lessons, advice so WE as a collective community can grow and network with each other.



Christian and his team will be sharing less content on the WSSC social media, instead posting more exclusive content in this group which will not be posted anywhere else! Everything from his favourite exercises he hasn't talked about, personal experiences from starting a worldwide brand and business from scratch, advice on training, recovery, injury prevention, the science and art of coaching, programming and everything in between. He will be going IN DEPTH on many topics that aren't covered on our social media.


Christian, his exceptional coaching staff and special guests will be offering a different module every week on any and all topics related to strength and conditioning and how to make a career in this industry. Every week a combination of 3-6 posts per week (Q&A, video, written posts) will be offered to you in the most practical manner possible so you can APPLY the knowledge straight away for results ✔️

Christian and his staff will be live streaming various mini-classes on everything sports science related and S&C. Some example classes we run include, how to get buy-in, programming and periodisation 101, optimal recovery practices and mobility, breathing and bio-mechanics. (All live streamed lectures will be available to watch on demand anytime after the stream).


Subscribers will be added to our private, curated Game Changers Facebook group. With dedicated and active coaches, this forum is set up to create high level conversations around the most important topics around strength and conditioning and everything in between. The group will have direct access to the full staff at WSSC. The group will also be a direct line to Christian Woodford to ask any questions any time, give feedback or make suggestions, and any other ways to improve the community.


Christian Woodford hosts the The #AskWoodford show, a strength & conditioning sports science focused Q&A video show. He has done dozens of episodes so far and you guy's will be THE FIRST to get access to these show's and even ask questions as they are LIVE-STREAMED in the group and archived for later viewing.


As a final bonus to subscribers, when you sign up you’ll receive a LIFETIME 10% off discount code to use on the entire catalogue of WSSC products which includes clothing, ebooks, dvds and workshops...yes even workshops!. Subscribers will also get news on new products prior to anyone else.

Be apart of the exclusive private community by Christian Woodford and the WSSC team and join a community of like minded coaches/trainers/allied health professional and athletes.

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If you're interested in learning more about Woodford Sport Science Consulting's High Performance and Holistic Athletic Development Program that can change your game, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help you get started on your journey to improved athletic performance.