Junior Performance Development Program

WSSC offers a junior membership that gives access to a personalized strength and conditioning sessions across both our Moorabbin and Casey facility for kids aged 8-14. (If your athlete is younger/older please contact us to join a semi-private or one on one.)

What We Offer?

Our coaches create structured programs that have focus on building a variety of physical qualities depending on the athlete’s goals and needs which range from:

  • Strength, power and speed to facilitate optimal running mechanics and efficient movement in their sport. Strength underpins power, therefore our goal is to develop strong athletes so they can run quicker and be more powerful. This doesn’t mean lifting the most amount of weight as possible, but learning to  master their body weight before progressing to loaded movements.
  • Agility and reaction time is honed in on once the athlete has mastered the above fundamentals.
  • Aerobic/anaerobic endurance is predominantly addressed in the last portion of our sessions with various short – high intensity conditioning protocols.
  • Mobility is a constant focus in our sessions as we integrate various mobility movements throughout rest periods to help the athlete feel better, improve joint health and reduce their chance of injury


What The Program Involes?

  • Supervised Coaching: By very experienced and educated coaches that have worked in elite performance environments and understand how to position athletes to achieve their sporting goals.
  • Flexiblity: Pay a weekly membership and bring your athlete to as many or as little sessions as you like.
  • Performance Testing: Each athlete will undergo performance testing every 2-4 times a year. WSSC utilizes state of the art performance testing equipment that is predominantly used by professional sporting teams, this includes the use of timing gates and jump matts so we can tangibly monitor how you or your athlete is improving. 

We Have 2 Main Goals:

  • Injury Reduction: The prevalence of sporting injuries in Australia is very high among junior athletes. What we do better than anyone is our ability to create resilient robust athletes that perform under high stress.
  • Optimize Performance: Beyond that, getting your athlete better at their sport and reaching their goals is the next priority. With a through understanding of sports science, we apply fundamental principles that we’ve utlized with thousands of athletes over 5+ years to help them not only run, jump, sprint quicker, but help them win.

When & Where:

Moorabbin Facility: 41 Roberna St, Moorabbin VIC 3189

Monday/Wednesday: 4:30PM – 5:30PM

Saturday: 10AM – 11AM

Casey Facility: 80 Monash Dr, Dandenong South VIC 3975

Monday – Thursday 4PM – 6PM

Saturday: 8AM – 10AM

Contact us below or message us on our facebook page to enroll your athlete/inquire.

What If My Athlete Is Currently Injured?

If your junior athlete has injured themselves we are able to offer structured rehabilitation programs to return the athlete to high performance. At WSSC, we have a strong background in rehabilitation programs and assisting athletes in returning back to sport bigger; fitter and stronger than before. We’ve rehabilitated hundreds of athletes, from hamstring tears to ACL injuries.