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Optimising Athletes’ Performance

WSSC is an elite Strength and Conditioning service available to amateur, sub-elite, elite teams and individuals looking to improve their sports performance. WSSC implements a high performance model to maximise sports performance and decrease chance of injury.


Any Athlete. Any Goal. Any Starting Point.

We can improve your performance. 


A Leader in Strength & Conditioning

Any Athlete.

Any Goal.

Any Starting Position.

We can improve your athletic performance…

At WSSC, we offer various types of training which cater to each individual athlete that walks into our doors. Whether you want to receive one on one coaching because you want the hyper-focused attention, or whether you want to train in small groups because you love the atmosphere that it brings – we can cater for your needs.
But, how do you know performance is improving?
WSSC integrate various performance testing measures that are able to measure and quantify various athletic qualities such as speed, agility, power and aerobic capacity to a millisecond. Thanks to fusion sport, WSSC is well equipped to run a full athlete testing arsenal to register a starting point, and monitor progress along the way.
Well that sounds good, but I’m injured!
WSSC also offer both on site physiotherapy and early stage rehabilitation from any mild to serious injury to help you or your athlete return to perform as safely and intelligently as possible. With our performance physiotherapist, we have a one-stop shop when it comes to athletes. Early stage, middle stage, end stage and optimising performance, – it really doesn’t matter, the resources to improve are all here!

Optimising athlete performance is in our blood.


It’s what we do!



Visit our facility and see how we will change your goals!

Athletes Coached In House

Coaches Educated

Personal Trainers Educated

A Leader in Coach Education



Education is KING.


Investing in You Knowledge is the Greatest Investment You’ll Ever Make. 

Over the last 7 years WSSC has become one of the largest strength and conditioning and sports science communities in Australia, all thanks to our loyal followers. We’ve become a global community of people who are using fundamental sports science principles to get the best out our athletes, team’s, clients and ourselves – whether we’re coaches, allied health professionals, trainers, professional athletes, students or just someone who want’ to be better than average at their health and fitness.

We’ve published thousands of posts and videos, created over 40 #AskWoodford episodes interviewing some of the best athletes and coaches of WSSC;
all with a “no-BS” approach and being 100% transparent with our model, methods and justifications.

And now, we stand stronger than ever – ready to push S&C/Sport Science into 2020. But why?

We want, once and for all, to #CHANGETHEGAME in athletic development, the fitness industry and education in Australia.

As we aggressively expand that mission, we’re proud to have put together numerous products and services which serve as tools for up and coming S&C coaches, athletes and other professionals and individuals. These include:

 HP30 DVD Series
 HP60 DVD Series
 Junior Athletic Development DVD
 3x S&C-orientated eBooks (sold over 10,000 copies)
 Level 1 Strength, Speed & Power Workshop (over 500 coaches educated)
 Level 2 Strength, Speed & Power Workshop (released late 2019)

As well, we are committed to improve the standard of new Trainers entering the industry through partnering with Orphic Education.


Since beginning in 2018, we have helped educate over 15 new Trainers & Coaches through the Certificate III/IV in Fitness.

“I hated every minute of training, but I said to myself, don’t quit.

Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

– Muhammad Ali

It’s ABOUT time!



From S&C programming, performance tracking, recovery systems and more – this will be all you to take your performance forward. It’s our Online High Performance Department!
It’s time to try something BETTER.
It’s time to EVOLVE.
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • ​Get coached by elite S&C Coaches
  • Have the confidence to know you’re training exactly the way you should!
  • Feel the best you ever have! 

Nothing beats training here in person with a Coach.
Come train in-house for the best possible Coaching experience.

Experience all the bells, whistles and individualisation
from one on one remote coaching.

Nothing beats training here in person.
Come train in-house for the best possible training experience.

A fully integrated approach from diagnosis and early stage rehab to maximising performance on the field.

Existing Coaches, Athletes and brand new Trainers alike – we have something to teach you. Enhance your skill set with WSSC today.

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