Laura Fox

Laura Fox is WSSC’s physiotherapist. Laura graduated from Latrobe University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Physiotherapy Practice. She has a keen interest in prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Laura utilises the latest research and evidence-based practice to form the most optimal treatment for you.

She is passionate about working closely with you to help achieve your optimal function and reach your rehabilitative and performance goals. Treatment techniques she uses include dry needling, spinal mobilisation, spinal manipulation, traction, joint mobilisation, mobility exercises, massage, taping, splinting and exercise prescription.

Laura is an active member of the community, and has been involved as a sports trainer and physiotherapist at various sports coverage. She is also qualified as a Clinical Pilates Instructor. In her spare time, Laura enjoys working on her strength and conditioning and is trained by WSSC Coach Alexander Sandalis.

With this background, she has a strong belief in combining exercise with hands-on therapy to get you feeling, moving and performing at your best. For a highly skilled assessment, diagnosis and treatment arrange your appointment via email

Milestones, Achievements & Experience

2011-Physiotherapy Aide at Launceston Physiotherapy Services

2013-Level 1 Sports Trainer

2013-Sports Trainer at Fitzroy Football Club

2014-PD: Headaches

2015-PD: Thoracic Ring Approach

2016: PD: Exercise for Multidirectional Instability of the Shoulder

2016-Intro to Clinical Pilates

2016: PD: A Guide to Sports Medicine and Pediatric Physiotherapy

2016-PD: Lateral Hip Pain

2017- Clinical Pilates Instructor at Be Your Best Physio

2017-Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Instructor at Mornington Central Physiotherapy

2017-Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Instructor at Pilates of Mt Eliza

2017-Physiotherapist for Dandenong Stingrays

2017-Physiotherapist for Edi-Asp

2017-GEMt Level 1 Dry Needling


2017-Graduated with BHlthSc/MPhysio

2017-GEMt Level 1 Dry Needling

2017-Clinical Pilates Instructor


-Pediatrics, Teenagers, Adults, Geriatrics,

-Acute injuries/pain: joint sprains, muscle strains, ankle sprains, lower back/neck strains,

-Chronic pain

-Patellofemoral pain


-Stress fractures

-Shin splints

-Postural pain

-Post-surgical rehabilitation

-Pre-surgical prehabilitation

-Cervicogenic headaches

-Pre- and post- natal women

-Neurological conditions

-Cardiovascular conditions

To be coached by Laura email: