Jessica Fantone

Jess is a Performance Coach at WSSC, and is currently completing her Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at Deakin University. Jess began her career in the fitness industry by getting her Certificate III, IV and Diploma in Fitness. She then worked in a number of commercial gyms and found herself not only just training her clients but educating them in the way of health and fitness as well.

Jess is very passionate about women’s health and fitness, and as a result she runs the Girls That Lift program at Moorabbin. She believes that there is no reason why women can’t be strong, fit and healthy just like their male counter parts.

Jess is currently a strength and conditioning intern at Collingwood Football Club with their AFLW and VFLW teams. She is very involved with their training, running warm ups, weights and conditioning sessions and well as their recovery. This sets Jess up well to achieve her goals of working in High Performance Sport when she finishes her University degree.

Milestones, Achievements & Experience

Intern at Collingwood Football Club with their AFLW and VFLW teams (Current)

Bachelor of Exercise Science (Current)

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Diploma in Fitness

Level 1 Sports Trainer

ASCA Level 1

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