Christian Woodford

Christian Woodford’s coaching experience is vast to say the least. He has coached athletes from all over the world and created physical performance programs for multiple sports. Christian’s specializes in athletic strength and power development, which has been built from years of theoretical knowledge coupled with real world practical application.

This makes Christian a sort after strength and conditioning coach for athletes wanting to improve their athletic ability and decrease their chance of injury. Christian’s coaching ability is unique and is able to maximise and get the best out of all the athletes he coaches through attention to detail and hard work.

Christian created WSSC due to the lack of services available to athletes who want to improve their sports performance with an elite coach. WSSC was created to give any athlete or team, regardless of the level they play, the opportunity to be exposed to high performance coaching, like the professional athletes. Christian’s methods aim on getting the best transfer to the athletic environment while decreasing the athlete’s chance of injury.

After Christian worked in USA assisting the head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Maryland University, he decided to adopt the USA College system of training as he believes the athletes in America are provided with far greater guidance and preparation in-order to have what it takes to be a top athlete and be on top of your game.

Milestones, Achievements & Experience

Bachelor Of Applied Science (Exercise Science)

Honours in Exercise Neuroscience

Member of ASCA (Australia Strength and Conditioning Association)

Member of NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) Coaching Experience:

Australian Gridiron Team (Gridiron Australia) – Strength and Conditioning Coach

Victorian Gridiron Team (Gridiron Victoria) – Head Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sport Scientist

VIS (Victorian Institute of Sport) – Victorian Institute of Sport Trainee

Maryland University (USA) Division I Football Department – Assisting Strength and Conditioning Coach

FFV (Football federation Victoria) – Head Sport Scientist

Melbourne Victory Youth (A League) – Fitness Coach

Oakleigh Chargers (TAC Cup) – Strength and Conditioning Coach

Private Strength and Conditioning Consultant to teams and individuals at the elite, sub elite and amateur level

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