Brett Cranage

After completing the WSSC internship program towards the end of 2016. With a completed Bachelors Double Degree in Exercise Science and Sport Management from Deakin University, Brett has completed his honors which involved working with all 18 AFL clubs in order to establish the best recovery practises for elite athlete. This Honours research project will place Brett at the forefront of current Exercise Science protocols. He is currently trying to implement the findings into his work at WSSC with a high focus placed on ensuring athletes are at their physical peak both in the lead up to, and immediately after competition.

Brett also has a great deal of experience working with young athletes and therefore places a high importance on ensuring basic fundamental movements are mastered at an early age, therefore setting the athlete up for a lifetime of performance success. Also a keen footballer and cricketer at a high level in local sporting clubs, Brett understands the requirements of a vast variety of sports, enhancing his ability to prescribe suitable programs that will result in the highest possible performance benefit and development for the athlete.

Milestones, Achievements & Experience

Honours in AFL Recovery Strategies (2017)

Double Bachelor of Exercise Science & Sport Management (2016)

Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach (ASCA)

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