Heath Davidson - Professional Wheelchair Tennis Paralympic Gold Medalist

“I first met Christian (Woodford) when I was making my comeback to tennis after a long lay off. I can’t express what it’s like meeting someone as passionate and educated on athletic development as Christian is. His knowledge combined with his coaching lead me to become the strongest & most powerful I have been my whole life. He was a huge reason of my quick success on the tennis court and will continue to be an important cog in my preparation for tennis all year round. Thank you Christian and the team at WSSC for your coaching & elite environment you create at WSSC. I can’t recommend Christian/WSSC high enough for any athlete.”

Jack Scrimshaw - AFL player with the Gold Coast Suns (#7 pick in the 2016 Draft)

“I started training under WSSC 3 years ago to prepare me for my football. WSSC was a big part of getting me drafted in the AFL and understanding how important preparation is for footballers. I can’t recommend WSSC high enough for any athlete wanting to improve their performance. I will always come back in the off season to WSSC to train and stay fit.”

Andrew Mcgrath - AFL #1 2016 AFL Draft Pick (Essendon FC)

“I first joined Woodford (coached by head coach @ WSSC CASEY Jarrad Kay) about 2 years ago to enhance my football preparation and overall strength. Since then my body feels a lot stronger and have not experienced any niggling injuries as a result. I highly recommend WSSC for any junior athletes keen to enhance their physical performance which in turn leads to greater on field performance. Can’t thank the guys enough for all they’ve done for me!!”

Luka Prelevic - New Zealand All Whites National Soccer Representative

“Before I started training with Christian, who took me under his wing like an older brother would, I believed I was in sound physical condition.

After only a couple weeks of his training, I had increased my muscular strength and endurance ten fold and had seen huge improvements in my vertical jump and standing start acceleration (both of which I had always struggled in).

Shortly after, I was called up to the New Zealand All Whites national team. Without Christians training, this never would have been possible. Christian & his team are best in athletic development, injury prevention & rehab in Australia! I would suggest any athlete to check them out they are doing great things in the private industry in Australia. Thanks Christian for all your support.”

Sean Farnham (College Sprinter)

“I began being coached by Christian 4+ years ago, close to the beginning of WSSC. Looking to add to a previously unexplored aspect to my training, I hoped that Christian’s approach to strength and conditioning would be the answer to my muscular durability troubles, whilst also facilitating my power development for acceleration. Over these 4+ years, Christian’s coaching has played a major role in my development as a complete athlete, as his tailored programming combated my weaknesses, whilst also building on my strengths. With his help, I have been able to find success on a State and National level, in addition to being competitive in the NCAA Division 1 competition over in the USA.”

100m: 11.01 – I do have a 10.60 time with an illegal tail wind though
200m: 21.46 (2014-15 season ranked top 20 in Australia for the 200m)

Jesse Smith - TAC Cup/APS Footballer

“2 years ago just being a big kid with troublesome knees sitting on the sidelines, the first place I was recommended to was Woodford. Everyone I had spoke to had such high regards for the place and it isn’t difficult to see why. Within 10 minutes of meeting Christian himself I knew that his knowledge and drive to improve athletes such as me was so great and I have seen that over the past 2 years and continue to do so.

Since coming to WSSC I’ve had no major injuries, limited niggling injuries and have enjoyed being able to stay on the track, build fitness and enjoy the community with the energy the place has to offer. Christian has trained me personally and drastically improved my strength and power and I continue to see and feel changes in not only my physical body but also my confidence – and has taught me how important the little things are to prepare for each week to be at my best. He has taken me on twice a week for 2 years and without his passion and investment in me and his incredible knowledge of athlete development, I’d still be that big kid sitting on the sidelines. I only have the coaches to thank and in particular Christian for getting me to where I am in my sport and I already do but will continue recommending WSSC to any athletes, any age, in any sport.”