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What is WSSC?

Woodford Sport Science Consulting (WSSC) is an elite Strength and Conditioning service available to amateur, sub-elite, elite teams and individuals looking to improve their sports performance. WSSC designs and implements a high performance model to maximise sports performance and decrease chance of injury.

 Personalised Strength & Conditioning Coaching


Physiotherapy & Return to Play

Nutritional Consultation

Student Mentorship/Education Program

Involvement in local schools (WAPA)

Junior Academy Development

What do we do?
At WSSC we focus on high performance development to optimise the entire athletes’ capabilities. They include;  
  • Strength and Conditioning through personalised and sport specific programs.
  • Performance nutrition by providing individual dietary guides.
  • Recovery and Regeneration through post exercise programs that promote adaptation and optimise body recovery.
  • Psychology, mental toughness and leadership development.
  • Performance Testing of Strength, Power, Speed, Agility and Endurance.
  • Sport Science Monitoring, this includes Training Load Monitoring, Wellness Scales and Hydration Status Testing.
Grace & Tiff
Jay Palof

Elite athlete preparation requires an in depth knowledge of the physiological systems, the science behind programming and how they interact. At WSSC we bring a holistic, yet innovative edge in performance training that has been derived from years of tertiary study, integrated with international and Australian elite sport practical exposure.

WSSC was created to help bridge the gap between amateur, sub elite and elite sporting services. WSSC offers an exclusive service that is derived from the USA college system of training where student athletes receive high level performance coaching to improve their athletic ability.

WSSC aims to “optimise athletes’ performance” and take your sporting abilities to the next level.

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